T’was The Night Before PAX…

It was a long day of travel, but we’re finally here at the Boston Convention Center.  We have no idea what to expect but if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that this weekend is going to get crazy.


PAX Indie Showcase 2013

The sign above our heads.

But we’re more prepared than I thought we’d be.  Our at least we look more prepared.  Check out our table!  We actually look legit!  Kind of amazing given how busy our team has been.  We’re trying to hit alpha this weekend on our contract gig, which meant that John and I had to wrap up all our deliverables for this milestone before we left.  It didn’t leave a lot of time to get ready for PAX so I’m kind of amazed that it all came together somehow.  John gets all the credit on that front.  He did a brilliant job pulling it all together.

ClutchPlay Booth at PAX East 2013

Too legit to quit! Our table at PAX.

And now we’re off to hit the snowy streets of Boston to get some food and do some networking.

Wish us luck for tomorrow!  I have a feeing, we’re going to need it!