John and Amy talk Little Chomp with Carter 148 Apps

This week John and I are on The Portable Podcast with Carter Dodson of 148 Apps to talk about our humble beginnings as a company, the challenges of being an indie and, of course, Little Chomp:

On This Episode:

Carter has half of the team from ClutchPlay Games to talk about its debut title Little Chomp, the foibles and follies that associated the game’s release and general lack of coverage, the difficulties of getting coverage in the mobile gaming market, how the studio formed from the ashes of the team that created Touch Pets Dogs at ngmoco, and why the team decided to go with its own custom-built tools over an engine like Unity.

Episode Cast:

Host: Carter Dotson

Guests: Amy Dallas and John C. Worsley, ClutchPlay Games

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Little Chomp rates an 8.0 from IGN!

If I ever have a first born, I’m handing it straight over to Justin Davis at IGN for this badass review of Little Chomp, which he calls, “an expertly-tuned touchcreen climber that should not be missed.”

8/10, not too shabby for our first game!  A big thank you to Justin for giving Little Chomp a chance.


NOVEMBER 26, 2012 Little Chomp is the latest excellent reminder that games can’t be judged by their appearance alone. This level-based action platformer from ClutchPlay Games is easy to ignore thanks to its overly cheerful (and somewhat bland) presentation. But once I got past the forgettable visuals, what I found was a lengthy, finely-tuned adventure with solid challenge and plenty of extras…

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