Little Chomp Scores a 4.5 from Touch Arcade!

One of the highlights of PAX for me was meeting Eli Hodapp from Touch Arcade, who despite being in high demand, stood and talked with me for quite some time about the humble beginnings or our company.  I can honestly say, he’s a really great guy.

When he left, the other Showcase winners asked, ‘did he put your game in his book?’

The book they were referring to is a small notebook he carries around to make note of games that Touch Arcade might want to review.  And apparently, if you make it in ‘the book’ it means, your game is on their radar.  Fortunately for us, Little Chomp made it into ‘the book’ and today, that notation has turned into a kickass review!  Thank you Eli and David Craddock!  We are so excited to get such a great review from Touch Arcade!

From the article:

Little Chomp came out of nowhere and charmed me with its smooth controls, variety of fun goals to check off, and absolutely vibrant graphics and crisp audio. At only a buck, you don’t want to pass this one up.

Check out the full review of Little Chomp on Touch Arcade!



Better with Popcorn gives Little Chomp 9/10!

A fantastic review from George Prax at Better with Popcorn, who gives Little Chomp “9 hungry caterpillars our of 10.”  Thank you, George for the amazing review!

Little Chomp iOS Review [Pax East 2013]

There were an insane amount of games on display at Pax East 2013 the other week, but not only the Triple-A mega titles from huge companies like Ubiosft, Sony and Blizzard. Wading through the maze of booths, displays and sections from these big developers, it was rather easy to lose yourself in the sea of 70,000 gamers, but among the fray were a few gems in the form of indie and mobile titles there as part of the yearly Indie showcase.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to try and pick a favorite out of all of the games I saw, but it’s quite easy to identify the most charming of all those games. That game would have to be Little Chomp, from Portland studio ClutchPlay

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