Little Chomp rates 8.8 from Tapscape!

We’re thrilled to announce that Little Chomp has been selected for the PAX East 2013 Indie Showcase!

It seemed like such a long shot that we almost didn’t even apply. Like the true Clutch Players we are, we literally got the application in 2 minutes before the midnight deadline back in December.

The moral of the story:  Great things can happen when you refuse to give up.  Being an indie is all about taking chances.  Lesson learned!

Boston, here we come!


Little Chomp receives a very flattering and unexpected review from Tapscape, who dubs it, “A charming, addictive romp through a magical forest landscape.”

Little Chomp iPhone Game Review: Addictive Climbing Game

Little Chomp is an iPhone game developed by ClutchPlay Games. In this addictive little game, you’re tasked with helping a cuddly caterpillar climb from the forest floor to the canopy in record time, all while collecting coins and fruits.

Little Chomp works on a drag-based control scheme. Pull and release on Little Chomp’s tail to aim and fire him in any direction. Pulling and holding on his tail gives you a visual guide of the arc he will travel in upon release. The controls are very responsive, and they make the game a joy to play.

Read the full review of Little Chomp by Tucker Cummings on Tapscape!