In addition to being super cool indie game developers, ClutchPlay is also full-service development agency for both games and mobile applications.  Our services include:

  • Game Design
  • Concept Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Production and Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Sound and Music Design
  • Applications and games for Smartphones, Tablets, PC and Mac.
  • Game Promo Videos
  • UX Design
  • Tools Development

How We Work

We’re Clutch Players so, of course, we love a challenge!  If you have a project you’re looking to build, please drop us a line. We offer a free initial consultation so we can better understand your goals and the potential opportunities and challenges that may go along with them.

We have experience working on both full development projects, which which we take on the entire project in-house, or co-development initiatives, which involve working collaboratively with our in-house, art, dev or design teams.  Regardless of the type of project, our goal is always the same.  We want to make our clients look like rock stars for hiring us.  And how do we do that, you ask?  Good question!  We do that through meticulous planning, clear and honest communication, continuous risk mitigation and kick-ass development practices — all of which enables us to consistently deliver super-fun, high-quality game experiences within your time and budget constraints.

Please visit our team page, to learn more about our founders and all the cool stuff we’ve worked on.

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ClutchPlayers from left to right:  Amy,   Bernie, 
  Jon and John.

ClutchPlayers from left to right: Amy,
Bernie, Jon and John.

Amy Dallas
With over 16 years of experience in Production, Operations, and Web Development, Amy can get a lot done in a day. Before ClutchPlay, Amy was the Development / Ops Director for the Portland office of ngmoco:) where she managed the day-to-day operations of the studio in addition to leading a team of engineers in the creation of mobile iOS games including the Touch Pets Dogs and Cats series.  Prior to ngmoco:), Amy was a Producer at Berkeley Systems and at EA Games, where she worked on The Sims Online and The Sims 2.0, which was one of the biggest selling games in PC gaming history.  In addition to her game industry experience, Amy has worked as a Producer and Digital Strategist at several prominent web marketing agencies and is a proven leader in managing complex software and technical projects.  She is also a tireless organizer, an accomplished cat-herder, a skilled bomb-diffuser, a fearless lion-tamer, a compassionate hand-holder, an experienced whip-cracker, a relentless team-builder, and a Producer of some pretty badass projects.

Bernie Rissmiller
Bernie has more than years 11 years of game industry experience, as a Developer, Engineering Lead and Technical Architect.  Prior to Co-Founding ClutchPlay, Bernie was the Engineering Lead and the Technical Architect on the Touch Pets series of 3D iOS games.  Additionally, Bernie has worked for several other prominent game companies, including EA Games, Blue Fang Games and Demiurge Studios. His titles include Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’01-’05, Zoo Tycoon 2, Brothers In Arms, Mass Effect, and Touch Pets Dogs/Cats/Dogs 2.  Bernie is also known for his extravagant spit-takes, is very tall and a card-carrying fan of Oregon microbrews.  He is also the voice of calm and reason in just about any circumstance.

Jon Guest
Jon brings over 10 years of game industry experience to the party and has worked for several prominent game companies including ngmoco:), 2K Games, Pronto Games and Stormfront Studios.  Prior to spending 18 months working on social freemium titles for ngmoco:), Jon developed multi-platform code for next gen sports titles at Visual Concepts – including NBA 2K11 which sold over 5.5 million copies and was named Sports Game of the Year.  Previous to Visual Concepts, Jon successfully shipped several titles spanning numerous platforms including mobile devices, consoles and PCs. His titles include We Rule, NBA 2K10, 2K11, 2K10 Draft Combine, MLB 2009, MLB 2010, NHL 2010, Dress Shop Hop, Nicktoons Winner’s Cup Racing, Babblix, Lego MyStyle, Hollywood Hangman, Deal or No Deal, Pac Tones, and Pacman Galaga.  Jon is also a world class ping-pong player, a dedicated rock climber, and the less-than-proud owner of a singing Justin Beiber doll, which he keeps trying to give away for reasons unbeknownst to the rest of us.

John C. Worsley
John is our resident renaissance man, wearing up to twelve different hats on any given day.  In addition to being a server engineer, tools developer, and game designer, he’s also our in-house artist and musician.  Before ClutchPlay, he was the dedicated server-engineer for the “Touch Pets” series published by ngmoco:) as well as Quests and Sorcery: Skyfall. Before ngmoco:), John co-founded and drove Command Prompt, Inc. for over three years, a successful Linux and PostgreSQL-focused consultancy, during which time he wrote the book “Practical PostgreSQL,” published in 2001 by O’Reilly and Associates, and co-developed the video game featured in Gus Van Sant’s “Elephant.”  When not developing games, John can be found illustrating graphic novels, composing and performing electronic music, volunteering for the Stumptown Comics Fest, and generally endeavoring to produce as much creative output as he can before shuffling off this mortal coil.  John has been known to literally recoil from an unexpected shaft of sunlight and, to date, none of us have independently confirmed the existence of his reflection in a mirror.