About Our Company

ClutchPlay Games is an independent game developer, located in not-so-sunny yet idyllic Portland, Oregon.  We make ridiculously fun games for the mobile devices (iOS and Android) as well as PC and Mac.

Our Co-Founders are veterans of EA, Maxis, ngmoco:) and 2K Games.  Between us, we have extensive experience developing original and work-for-hire titles using various technologies including Unity, Java, Objective C, C++ and our own native engine.

Our first game, Little Chomp was selected as one six featured titles at the 2013 PAX East Indie Showcase and has received some extremely flattering press, including an 8/10 from IGN and a 4.5/5 from Touch Arcade.

But it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns for our team of intrepid founders.

Our Humble Beginnings

StartUpRow-CompanyLabelsThe company was founded in 2012, when the studio we’d all been working for was unceremoniously downsized.  At the time, it was the only major game studio in Portland so we were left with few options.  We could change careers, we could all move to cities with better job prospects in gaming, or we could stand our ground and fight to rebuild our studio here in Portland.  Without hesitation, we opted for what was behind curtain number three and ClutchPlay Games was born.

In 2013, ClutchPlay became one of six companies selected by the Portland Development Commission for the PDX Startup Challenge, which was a program designed to nurture promising startups in the City of Portland.  We were truly honored by the vote of confidence from our hometown and are deeply committed to making our city proud.

What’s Next

It’s been an incredible couple of years for us as a company and there’s a lot more yet to come!

We have two new titles in the works, set to launch this year.  The first of these two fine works is Skullduggery!, an atmospheric, fling-based physics platformer with an endearingly grotesque art style.   It is insanely fun.  Trust us, you’re going to want to play it.

We’d tell you about our second title, slated for a summer 2014 release, but it’s just too awesome. Seriously, it’s for your own good.  Your head would explode from the goodness that is this game.

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